UTE Porto de Sergipe I

The UTE Porto de Sergipe I project went into commercial operation in March 2020. The project is composed of three main pillars:

Porto do Sergipe Power Plant

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The Sergipe I Thermoelectric Power Plant, with a generation capacity of 1,551 MW, has three 7HA gas turbines and one steam turbine, manufactured by General Electric (GE), in addition to the other usual systems in a combined cycle plant: steam recovery boilers, condensers, cooling tower, water treatment systems and effluent and substation. This is the first project in Brazil to receive the turbine model 7HA, considered the most efficient available in the market.

Transmission Line

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The 33 km 500 kV Transmission Line will connect the Sergipe I Thermoelectric Power Plant to the Jardim Substation in Nossa Senhora do Socorro (SE), from where it will connect to the SIN (National Interconnected System).

Maritime Installations

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Includes the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage and Regasification Unit ship, which will be anchored 6.5 km from the coast; the anchorage system; and the pipeline to transport the gas to the plant and the water intake and outfall pipelines.

Construction pictures