1. Social Responsibility


Since it settled in the State of Sergipe in 2015, CELSE has been working for the socioeconomic development of the region of Barra dos Coqueiros and of the affected municipalities. The Environmental Basic Programs (PBAs) are already being implemented in the community.

In addition to the jobs generated, income and taxes that drive the local economy, the company promotes various actions to the communities, either through investments in socio-environmental projects or partnerships for training of labor.


The development of the surrounding communities is directly related to the success of the company. The relationship with the people living in the surroundings of the enterprise is the basis for the formation of solid, constructive and receptive bonds. Stimulating the development of the region is, therefore, one of CELSE's goals. To this end, actions are encouraged to stimulate the local economy and strengthen integration with the population of the areas of influence, being members of the community, public agencies, fishermen and Quilombolas.

Programs are being implemented that prioritize, whenever possible, the hiring of local labor and the training of residents. CELSE works for the development of suppliers in the region, preferring to buy from local entrepreneurs and generating income for the municipalities. In addition, CELSE employees periodically visit communities to understand the real needs, evaluate socioeconomic indicators and be even more assertive in investments. In addition, CELSE develops a program of conservation of the historical, cultural and archaeological heritage of its surroundings.

2. Environment

CELSE is committed to generate the minimum impact for the neighboring population, by promoting environmental control of the works through rigorous procedures and control measures. Constantly, noise and vibrations emitted during the works are monitored in order to identify, evaluate possible environmental changes and mitigate possible impacts. The management of water resources is carried out responsibly. Cooling of the steam cycle uses sea water, thus avoiding the use of drinking water and fresh water supply to the region. Air quality monitoring is done consciously, through control systems, periodic and regular inspections, using advanced technology.

3. Health and safety

The concern about the health and safety of its employees guides all actions of CELSE, so the company follows strict guidelines and international standards to provide a safe and healthy environment for the people who are part of the company.

Sustainability Report

CELSE publishes the 2018 Sustainability Report which addresses operational, financial aspects, advances in the relationship with communities and engagement with stakeholders, in addition to highlighting the investments and social and environmental actions developed in the area of ​​influence of the Porto de Sergipe I Thermoelectric Complex.

Relatorio de Sustentabilidade 2018

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