CELSE Presentation

CELSE - Centrais Elétricas de Sergipe S.A. is responsible for the implementation of the largest and most efficient natural gas thermoelectric plant in Latin America: UTE Porto Sergipe I. CELSE was victorious in the New Energy Auction A-5 in April 2015, establishing 26 25-year contracts with several energy distributors in the country. 

The company, created in September 2015 by EBRASIL - Eletricidade do Brasil - and Golar Power (Joint-Venture between the Norwegian Golar LNG and the American investment fund Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners), generates and sells electricity from its 4 units power generators (3 gas turbines and 1 steam turbine). 

UTE Porto Sergipe I went into commercial operation in March 2020. The fuel used is natural gas, brought to Sergipe in the form of liquefied natural gas - LNG, and regasified at the Golar Nanook storage and regasification unit, a more effective and efficient solution, less polluting compared to diesel and coal, as it reduces gas emissions by up to 90%. The plant, with a power of 1551 MW, is capable of meeting 15% of the energy demand in the Northeast. 

With an investment of approximately R $ 6 billion in cutting-edge technology, the project, located in the Porto Sergipe I Thermoelectric Complex, in Barra dos Coqueiros, municipality of the Metropolitan Region of Aracaju (SE), generated during its implementation up to 4 thousand jobs in peak, in addition to boosting the region's socioeconomic development.