Research, Development & Innovation

Through investments in R&D, CELSE seeks to promote a culture of innovation by stimulating research and development on strategic themes, aimed at improving and operational safety, as well as reducing environmental impacts, valuing national scientific research, partners and society.
The R&D projects in the electric energy sector are regulated by ANEEL, as provided for in Federal Law 9,991 of July 24, 2000, through the application of resources from the Net Operating Revenue (NOR) of companies in the sector.
Following the guidelines of this Law, CELSE invests 1% of Net Operating Revenue in Research, Development and Innovation, distributed as follows:


FNDCT: National Scientific and Technological Development Fund
R & D / ANEEL: R&D projects regulated by ANEEL
MME: Ministry of Mines and Energy..
Soon, Public Call Notice for new projects, the projects concluded and recognized by ANEEL, as well as those in execution will be disclosed on this page.
R&D Account balance (Dec/2020): R$ 6.698.014,74