Mission, Vision, Values


Generate energy with excellence, in an efficient and responsible way for the society and our customers, respecting the environment and contributing to Brazil’s energy security.


Be the main gas and energy hub in Brazil, a national reference in sustainability, safety and reliability.


Safety, Operational Excellence, Integrity, Ethics and Passion.
Safety: Is the company’s main value. We want to assure zero accidents for our employees, suppliers and the community.
Operational Excellence: Our operations will be conducted to achieve the highest levels of reliability and availability.
Integrity and respect: Our conduct is responsible to the environment, our customers, suppliers and society. We are respectful of human diversity and we do not allow discrimination of race, gender, age, religion, people with disabilities and cultures.
Ethics: We respect the Law and do not support any activity that is not in strict compliance with legality. We act transparently before the employees and society. We act with others in the same way that we want others to act with us.
Passion: We are proud to be part of CELSE