Integrated Policy

As a way of recording its commitment to the Company's values aimed at the Environment, Health, Occupational and Operational Safety, Quality and Social Responsibility, CELSE's senior management declares:

1. Provide resources for the continuous improvement of its operations;

2. Meet the legal requirements applicable to your electricity generation operation;

3. Provide safe and healthy working conditions for its employees, suppliers and society, preventing accidents and damage to health;

4. Provide training and training for its employees, encouraging the achievement of the Company's strategic objectives;

5. Require your suppliers and partners to respect the requirements and recommendations with respect to CELSE's values;

6. Continuously monitor the performance of operational safety through management systems and risk management processes and the integrity of its equipment;

7. Support the promotion of sustainable development and the principles of social responsibility; and

8. Protect the environment through monitoring programs, and continually seek to reduce any impacts resulting from its operation.