Ethics and Conduct Policies

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Code of Ethics and Conduct

CELSE values integrity, transparency and responsibility in relations with all its stakeholders. Therefore, true and honest information and care for the ethical conduct of its leaders, employees and suppliers are always prioritized. In order to guide the professional and personal performance of all its professionals, at various hierarchical levels, as well as to serve as a reference for clients and partners, the company has as its main anchor its Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Among the management support tools available, CELSE established an independently managed Reporting Channel with the aim to receives any communication that should be analyzed by the company's leadership and process investigations, when applicable.

Reporting Channel

The Reporting Channel may be used by any person - employees, suppliers, community, representatives of public agencies and governmental authorities - to report any act that is not in accordance with Brazilian laws or with CELSE’s Code of Ethics and Conduct. In addition, any information or situation that may impact the company and the people who relate to it or the society as a whole should be reported through the channel.
The Reporting Channel operation is carried out by a specialized and independent consultancy, which ensures the confidentiality of the information received and the anonymity of the source.
- Toll free service: 0800 721 9019 (Monday to Friday, from 8am to 7pm);
- E-mail: (24 hours/day);
- Internet: (the complaint can be made at any time and is forwarded to CELSE. The deadline for making the report available is 1 working day until 7pm);
- Voice mail: available on weekdays after 7pm, and weekends and national holidays 24 hours/day.

In all available contact channels, the caller may identify or make anonymous and / or confidential reports